Nicest Stranger Ever

I went shopping last night after I went home from work and changed out of my mean shoes and into some comfy red crocs. I was surveying some lemons at the front of the store and making serious plans for lemon pie when a stranger walked up to me. She was an older lady with a head of lovely white hair in a bun. She smiled at me and said, “You have the sweetest face I’ve ever seen. I was looking at the door when you walked in, and saw someone with a ‘Love’ t-shirt on, and when I looked at your face, I thought, yes. She should be wearing that.”

I stuttered some response about her kindness, and she went on, ‘No, I’m not kind, just honest. You do have the sweetest face.”

I told her she’d made my day, and I find she may have actually made my week. ^_^


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