The prompt today was challenge, with a little reminder that April is the poem-a-day challenge once more, and OH how I am looking forward to it. There are preparations to be made: Prepay most of my bills, or line them up to be prepaid. Get the most work pre-done at work that I can, perhaps come in earlier, just to be able to get to the poem before starting work. Kiss my social life (such as it is) goodbye for a while so I can focus on the challenge. (It really is an all-consuming thing once one really gets into it…) And I would suggest to anyone that likes to poem even a little, to take up the challenge, see if you can do it. It begins April 1 and goes every day until the 30th. Click Here to go to the Poetic Asides website. The poems are posted in the comments. You can do it!!

And now to today’s poem about Challenge:


Not Brought Up

First we learn to smile, then walk.
We learn those things and others
from our native home. Perhaps
we’re lucky and we learn
trust early. Perhaps we learn
that someone is always there
to catch us should we fall. (And
we do fall, everyone does.)

Perhaps we learn, though, that grown-
ups really don’t care, are too
busy, preoccupied with
their own challenges and trials
to notice our baby missteps.
So some of us learn not to
trust, even though a child’s nat-
ural instinct is to try

to trust, no matter what. But
eventually we learn
that we cannot rely on
those we should be able to
rely most upon. Then the
challenge becomes growing up
without that trellis, without
that so-needed guiding hand.

And like a wayward vine, some
of us manage to grow up
anyway, never real-
izing, until much later,
that there was something wrong with
the way we were not brought up,
and hope our kids never learn
what it is not to trust us.


3 thoughts on “Challenge

    • I had a very confusing childhood that could have been much worse. Of course, survivors say that. ^_^ However, I do believe my mother’s childhood was harder, and she did well, considering. Sometimes when writing something like this, I hone the focus on just one feeling/issue and the magnified scrutiny of it make it more intense than it is or was. (All the same, one of my sons texted me not long after I wrote this and said “thanks, mom, for raising me right.” Made my day.)

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