An Ode to Poetic Asides

Well, it is sort of an ode, though not an official ode in “FORM,” but more of an homage to the folks on the PA “street”, as we like to call it.  A nod to the way it feels (to me at least) to have one regular place to go to poem and read other poems and give and receive feedback, and  just enjoy it all. This is my take on the place.


Life on the Street

Oh, it’s usually pretty quiet here
on the street,
not a lot of fuss or fury.
but it’s kind of fun that way,
and we regulars enjoy the
peace and serene
of each other’s
words and
thoughts and
mere presence.

There are weekly
hello’s and a
little bit of chat
and support
and all that.
It’s fun, in a quiet kind of way.

But twice a year,
in April and November,
our quiet street becomes
a seaside resort,
or Swiss spa,
or amusement park carnival.

And we regulars?
We like it that way too.



13 thoughts on “An Ode to Poetic Asides

    • I can’t WAIT for April!! And thinking about it today made me realize it’s like the anticipation I feel waiting for some exciting, exhausting thing like a circus or long vacation.

  1. Captures it nicely, Diana! I love the friendly sense of community of this group! 🙂 Now, Nov and Apr… always feels a bit like a roller coaster ride to me — strapped in, bar’s come down, there’s no getting out now! :-O

    • You see it!! It IS a roller coaster ride, some days, and others it is a mellow ride in a rowboat, or a speedy jog to the top of the mountain!! ^_^ Always enjoyable, never the same, but always with that sense of community.

      • “Pen-gines” gigglegiggle 😀

        Love the ode, Diana! My only grip about PAD is that it isn’t during a dreary month instead of a great-to-be-outdoors month. The draw makes me get too little sleep, lol!

        • I know what you mean, Marie Elena, I have to be sure my bills are all pre-paid and I have plenty of paper on hand for when I’m away from the computer!! Wheee!!

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