Psst… What IS a “Platform” Anyway?

Have I ever mentioned that I have too many hobbies? Sometimes, I take on a lot at one time, and I seem to be a glutton for punishment because I have so much fun overdoing it I don’t usually realize that I am until much later, like when it’s time to finally sleep and I can’t and then I sleep late and can’t get up in the morning, just to mention a recent (and fairly frequent) example.

I also love my job (I’m a legal secretary for a busy pair of litigators) because there is a lot of variety and it can be heady at times. Just this week I got to file a brief with the Supreme Court of the U.S., something most legal secretaries rarely, if EVER, get to do. It was exhausting and there was a lot of overtime involved, but it was actually so fun, I really enjoyed it. Again, however, I do have a tendency to just keep going and going without rest until I’m done, and then it’s time to majorly crash, only sometimes I still have the rest of the day at work to go through. LOL

And I write. I love writing, and I am not sure if it’s really another hobby of mine because it has always been a part of my life in one way or another. I have always journaled or written stories or poems. I’ve completed a novel I am (sort of) trying to sell. (I admit, it’s been on a back burner while I’ve been working so hard on poetry lately…) And I blog. I really enjoy blogging too.

And so, along with the April poetry month challenge in which I will write a poem a day, I have decided to also take another April challenge, and figure out this whole “platform” thing. I’m going to take the April Platform Challenge mentioned the linked blog. And yes, it’s from another blog of Robert Lee Brewer’s, but if he can do it, so can I. (And he has little kids at home, so it’s likely to be much harder for him.)

I know a proper platform must be important, but what IS it? Does it mean I have a certain stance about things? Or is it about what my site looks like/feels like? I don’t think it means a kind of shoe, but I’m just not sure. It sounds terribly important for a writer to have, according to the blog, so I guess I will figure it out. And since I am not a quitter, I will do all of the exercises for the month, whether it helps or not.  If you are concerned about your platform too, and even (like me) you don’t know what it is/means, but you figure (like me) that it might be something important and necessary, then maybe you can join me. (Or maybe you’re really smart and can leave a note in the comments cluing me in to what it is?)

What can I say? I’m an overachiever. And it’s always more fun to overachieve in company.


2 thoughts on “Psst… What IS a “Platform” Anyway?

  1. Like you, I have a tendency to take on too much. I’m also doing the Poem-a-Day and the platform challenge. Plus I started a new job and I’m moving later this month. But I don’t think writing counts as a hobby…it’s too integral to our nature. Writing keeps me sane(ish). What would we do without the written word? I’d hate to find out.

    P.S. I was a paralegal in a former life. It is a fun job, isn’t it? Kudos on filing with the Supreme Court!

    • At last! Someone who can understand the gravity of a Supreme Court filing!! I have a copy at home and I”m thinking about putting in a shadow box so I can look at it all the time. LOL (May be going overboard though…plus that IS yet another project…)

      I found out today that I can bake AND listen to a book on tape at the same time, which, of course, should have been obvious, but duh. So I was making pie and cinnamon rolls and listening to The Pillars of the Earth at the same time. Joy!!!

      I think non-writers just can’t possibly understand what it is that drives us to write, write, write all the time. I was explaining to hubby T about the poetry challenge and the platform challenge and he is totally baffled by my need to do these things. He said it’s actually alien to his nature. Well, it really is, but I love everything to do with it so far, and I’ve found so many interesting people along the way.

      Including you, Cate. ^_^

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