April 1 – Communication

The first prompt for the month of poeming is “Communication.” I got to it late in the day, as I was on a road trip with my sister and niece. My niece is now an NAU cheerleader!! (Tryouts were the main purpose of the trip, but I feel more was gained in the relationships. At any rate, this is my first attempt for today’s prompt.


Having spent the weekend
with my sister
and my niece
I learned that
I needed an

I haven’t decided yet
if I am just that
from teenagerhood
or if moms
are the only ones
who really understand
their children’s

And I wondered if
I had trouble
my children were all
and they
seemed to have
no trouble being

(Except that one time
when Jon was getting
ice at a drive thru
liquor store
in North Carolina
and they didn’t know what
he meant
until he said,
“Dja got aaihss?”
at which point they said,
“Oh, ICE! Shore!”)

So maybe it’s just
I am too far removed from.

At least she knows
I love her.


3 thoughts on “April 1 – Communication

  1. This poem makes leaves me with an impression that an open mind and an open heart can interpret any language !! Very Nice plus loved the NC tidbit !

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