April 2, Visitor

The theme of the prompt today was “visitor.”  I have two that popped into my head, unfortunately in doggerel verse. Can’t help it, that’s just the way I roll sometimes.  Enjoy!



I know you’re there.
The cats are aware,
they’ve found your lair,
they watch and glare.

It may not be fair,
don’t mean to scare,
but you haven’t a prayer,


Surprised to See Me?

Come in, come in,
please be at ease,
please let me get you
wine and cheese.

I know, I know,
my home’s a mess
but I don’t care,
don’t like to stress.

I know that you
came to see us,
not our unsightly

Don’t waste a thought
just be at ease.
Don’t look around,
here, have more cheese.


4 thoughts on “April 2, Visitor

  1. ^_^ Thanks you guys, had just a moment, and doggerel is much like a jingle, hard to get out of your mind until you write it at last. Lets hope Robert takes us to more lofty planes as well with a form challenge this year!!

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