April 3 – Apologetic/Unapologetic

Tuesdays are always fun because one can do a “two-for-Tuesday” for it. The prompt was Apologetic or Unapologetic, or, since it’s Tuesday, both. And of course I chose both. What a silly question. (Sorry, not to offend…) And here they are:



I beg your pardon, I didn’t mean–
Please forgive me, don’t cause a scene
Let me explain just what I meant
Don’t get your feathers mussed and bent

It wasn’t supposed to be a slur
I’ll beg forgiveness if you prefer
I only meant to say I thought–
that is to say, I took a shot–

Not that kind of shot, though, see
I don’t think that you’re hearing me
All I wanted to say, it’s true
is that I think that I love you.

I’m Not Sorry

I’ll say what I want
and what I need
with no apologies.

Why apologize for

And though I can bend
and comp
at times

don’t think
that it



2 thoughts on “April 3 – Apologetic/Unapologetic

    • I’ve been in such a situation in which I thought I was being insulted, and it turned out quite differently than I expected. ^_^ He meant something else, he meant “I love you.” (I was married—to someone else. He never stopped professing his love, but it became awkward until I moved away. Here’s to Charles.)

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