April 6, Hidden

Today’s prompt was to write about something hidden. I have so many ideas about this, but I’ve written down just two. There may be more later, if I have enough time in the day. (Blessed weekends, one would think there is more time to write, but how seldom that is true!!) One was about hiding Easter eggs and the other is about something else that is supposed to remain hidden.


Hiding Eggs in the Desert

The radio, this
morning alerted
the Easter Bunny
to be cautious when
hiding eggs out of
doors on Saturday
night. It seems many
good egg-hiding spots
are also super-
good hiding places
for Rattlesnakes and
Scorpions and Black
Widow Spiders. Ouch.


Locked Down

Deep in my heart
I have a few
left-over feelings that
I probably should not
for you.

And I find,
when I open my heart
just to take a peek,
those feelings
are more
than I imagined
they should be
at this point in time
and it’s worrying.

And so I push them
back in, shoving,
elbowing sort of rudely,
to be honest,
and seal the lid again.
Turn the key.

I wonder how long it will be
before it will be safe
to look


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