April 11, Seasons

The prompt today was to write about a season. I am sometimes an overachiever, so I’ve listed almost all the seasons here, except maybe water polo and stadium football. And shuffleboard. Well, probably a few others, but who really pays that much attention?


Sports, Schmorts

Everyone knows
football season is in the fall
And football games from
all over the country
are played if you have the
One can root
for whatever team
one chooses.

And Soccer, don’t
forget soccer, that
the rest of the world
calls futbol or football.
It goes from August
through April.
Games are on
all the time.

Basketball season, too,
is so fascinating. And
NASCAR starts in the spring,
along with baseball.

Tennis and golf
have their day,
if they’re not
preempted by
some other,
more important

And the Olympics
are coming again this

Luckily for me,
reading season
is all year long
and though one
may root for a particular
there are no
real competitions
or time
unless you count
the Hugos.

So while others in my home
are avidly pursuing
the sporting life
from the comfort
of the couch,
I am happily
ensconced in


2 thoughts on “April 11, Seasons

    • I am no sports-widow, but do have empathy for those who are! My spouse does like some sports, but it is not the all-consuming thing I’ve lived with before!

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