April 12, Something ___________

The prompt was to make a poem beginning with something. No really, “Something _______.”  I had a little trouble, but remembered someone telling me that I am a pussycat until I am really angry and then, she said, it was frightening to behold. I had no idea I could channel the furies, to be honest. I don’t think of myself as an angry person, but every so often, I admittedly become furious over something important. And honestly, is there anything wrong with true righteous indignation? ^_^


Something I’m Feeling Isn’t Right


I’m feeling something
right now,
and as the emotion
like the
witches cauldron
in that Scottish play,
I’m beginning to realize
I know what it is.

Outrage springs to mind
but that’s not quite it.

It’s probably un-
because it’s so

People say I’m the nicest
person they know,
but that I become
when angry.

Yes, I think
I’m feeling a bit


4 thoughts on “April 12, Something ___________

  1. My granddaughter does that, too. I love her to bits, she’s an angel, but goodness me she has a pair of lungs on her! So does her little brother. 😀

    I had trouble with this prompt. I pretty much gave up and waved a white flag on it.

    • It was so vague. I really had to work at it and am not at all pleased that I had to show my dark underbelly. LOL I tried to find the most tame picture of anger I could. ^_^

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