More Information Just for You! (It’s a Present!! Open it!!)

I’ve recently added a new page to my blog, and if you look at the top of the page, to the right of “Home” and “About” you will find a bar that says “Links to Wondrous Lands (and Blogs).” There you will find a virtual cornucopia of fascinating information you can peruse at your leisure. (Doesn’t that sound elegant? I want to be a Victorian lady pursuing things at my leisure!!)

I have blogs of varying types, and some places to buy beautiful and useful things often made by these very people themselves! I think that supporting local small businesses and hand-crafters is a very important thing! Also, links to comics and other miscellania.

So, here is the link if you are having trouble finding the tab: Links to Wondrous Lands (and Blogs)

As an added bonus you might just find wondrous lands if you look hard enough!! (Okay, you don’t really have to look hard at all, I’m terrible at making puzzles.)

P.S. I am constantly adding, so don’t be surprised if the list gets longer every time you visit!!


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