April 14, Doomsday

Well, that title looks foreboding, doesn’t it! But it’s just saying this is day 14 of the poem-a-day challenge and that the prompt today was Doomsday. No worries!!

I did procrastinate a little because it’s a depressing subject and it is so gorgeous outside today and the wind is blowing clouds across the bluest sky. All the same, I did finally finish my doomsday poem. I hope you like it. (It is a little tongue-in-cheek, as I suspect you will find out in a minute.)


It’s Not the End of the World, Anyway

Someone pointed out to me,
not so very long ago,
that people always talk about
the way doomsday will go.

The bombs will drop on everyone
in cities large and small
or maybe the Aztecs had it right
and one day is the last of all.

Zombies may take over soon and
crave our living brains.
(Of course the vegetarian ones
will only want our grains.)

Perhaps some careless scientists will
drop an harmful vial,
of something deadly potent
dooming us to non-survival.

Maybe the earth will turn on us
it’s most annoying creature
And swallow us up en masse one day
to be a compost feature.

Or maybe some religious nut
has found the truth more dire
And the unfaithful left behind
will die in lakes of fire.

And as I contemplate the end of
all of our existence.
And think that the ending of the world
will stop our mad persistence

that we’re the most important ones,
the ones that run the earth
and that no matter what we do
we deserve that berth.

When in all actuality
if the people were gone forever
the earth would just keep on going
no end of the world whatsoever.


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