April 15, slash, button, mask, strap, and balloon

What an interesting prompt we had today; to use the five words, slash, button, mask, strap, and balloon in a poem. And I had one idea, but when I started, it turned into something else, so I just let it. Then I went back and tried again with the first idea.  The first ended up being more fun, the second more serious.

What a fun, random way to make poetry. I don’t remember ever doing a poem like this before, with five words to use.


Spy Movie

Enter the room with delicacy.
Hide caution to mask the subterfuge.
Once you spy the object of your mission,
undo the bottom button of your Tuxedo jacket,
unstrap the holster of your gun, and
loosen the sword in your cane.

Be prepared to move when necessary,
aware of innocents that may be blocking
the target, but don’t let them stop you
from completing the job.

When the balloons fall at midnight,
the time will be right.
The distraction will be enough to
give you the opportunity you need
to shoot or slash your way to the

When you’ve completed your task
the limo will be waiting
two streets over.

Do not fail.
He needs that mochaccino more than you know.



I never chose this mask, this domino
that hides who I am.

I never chose to look the way I do
the horror in your eyes at my
unwilling disguise

The scars and slashes the fire left
still pain me, in a ghostly way
and I’ve not felt like me in

The most painful thing, though,
is how people see me, or rather
don’t see
at all.

If people would just stop
stop buttoning that lip
I’d rather they just ask
what happened
what made you look this way
why are you so ugly?

Even when I try to smile,
the scars pull evilly,
produce a snarl, so instead
I strap my heart down, try not to feel
let my emotions go, tied to
a helium balloon that floats away
and disappears,
like I want to.


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