April 16, Mixed up

The prompt for today was to write about something mixed or something mixed up. It took me a few hours of mulling before I hit upon an idea. And it being spring, I suppose it fits the season. I’m not quite sure about the ending. It feels a bit flat right now. Maybe something more will come to me later. If so, I will edit!


Mixed Flowers

A packet of mixed flower seeds
I spotted on the shelf.
“Grow your own wild flowers:
You can do it yourself!”

And the idea of those flowers
stayed with me all day
so I went and bought the packet
and went along my way.

It wasn’t til weeks later,
the packet I espied
languishing upon a shelf
so I took us both outside.

I looked at my poor flower bed,
it was such a sorry sight.
Unpruned roses, weeds and grass;
it needed to be put right.

And so I put the seeds aside
for another little while
and I began to weed and hoe
and rake and dig and pile.

And sooner than I thought I’d be
I found myself quite ready
to plant those seeds and water them,
the feeling was truly heady.

And scatter them, I did, my friends,
and soon they all took root.
And now you see my garden patch
is fair beyond dispute.

For though the flowers planted here
aren’t in lines and rows,
they’re lovely just the same for they’re
wild flowers that I chose.

Hummingbirds, bees and butterflies
find refuge in my bower.
And I find I quite agree with them,
I’m glad I planted flowers.


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