April 17, Science Fiction/Fantasy

Wow, today’s prompt for Tuesday (which always means two prompts in one) are two of my favorite topics! Science fiction and fantasy! I’ve always heard, as a reader, the way you can tell the difference between science fiction and fantasy is that in science fiction, the cover of the book has a space ship or robot. The cover of the fantasy book has trees and elves. ^_^ And so I give you (1) a space ship, and (2) trees and elves. (The second poem is a continuation of last week’s poem about trees, at Andrew Kreider‘s request.)



For over 90 years we’ve slept
aboard our ship in hopes of reach-
ing our new world. Technology
promised we would wake, stiff and sore
perhaps, but not unable to
brave that empty world.

What a joke. For technology
moved forward while we lay dreaming,
traveling as slow as the speed
of light. And so now we find our
empty world populated with
three generations of people,
children of our children, hostile
at our arrival.

So do we now sail on, desti-
nation unknown? Or do we now
settle on this not-so-virgin
new earth? We, who were prepared to
build an earth anew, and who are
now faced with people and ways and
culture so very foreign to
our own antique ways.


Maybe Just More Imagination

Seeing the horse, and his rider
trotting off into the woods, I
just could not resist seeing where
the two of them disappeared to.

I ran inside and dressed for a hike,
jeans, long sleeved shirt over a tee,
my sturdiest sneakers, a cap.
And I was off, around the black-
berry brambles (though a few snagged
my jeans as I went) and to the
edge of the woods where I’d seen
the horse and the (suspected) fay.

The hoofprints were plain enough, so
I hadn’t imagined the horse,
at least. And the trail went into
the woods, the soft earth showed me quite
plainly where the duo had passed.

Well, until it stopped. The trail end-
ed rather abruptly at a
fallen log. They must’ve jumped it,
I thought. I worked my way around
the log, checking for tracks as I
went. Still nothing. I sat on the
log, stumped (as it were) and as I
sat, something pulled/I fell/jumped/yanked
me down but rather than landing
on the mossy ground, I found myself
here, under hill.



3 thoughts on “April 17, Science Fiction/Fantasy

    • You know, novels have begun on less! I’ve been toying with the idea of a YA novel based on this idea and you and Andrew are just egging me on!! LOL

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