April 18, a Favorite Regional Cuisine

Today our prompt was to write about a favorite regional cuisine. I live in Arizona, so I chose Tamales. And Enchiladas. And other spicy things… It took me some hammering to get this into shape…have you ever tried to rhyme something with Enchilada?? LOL


In the Southwest we have hot tamales,
(I mean that in more ways than one).
Tamales are spicy and we all get our jollies
in having some when we want fun.

Add salsa (the music or condiment),
mariachis and hot enchiladas
some nachos and this is a recipe competent
for parties with cold Michelada.*

And of course, we must have our Tabasco
hotter than a pepper sprout,
We do like our spice and our parties alfresco
Come visit so you can find out!
*Michelada is a spicy, yet refreshing, beer cocktail of sorts!


4 thoughts on “April 18, a Favorite Regional Cuisine

  1. I do so miss good Mexican food. There used to be a restaurant in London near Leicester Square but it closed up shop years ago. Now it’s mostly Spanish food, which isn’t the same as Mexican.

  2. Being of the Mexican bloodline, I am partial to the cuisine – nothing says home to me like Mexican food. Loved this.

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