April 20, Let’s Make Jam

Prompt today was another fill-in-the-blank prompt: “Let’s ______.” I think yesterday’s poem got me reminiscing, so the first is about Blackberry jam. The second will follow momentarily!


Let’s Make Jam

The blackberries are ready,
go get some buckets
we’ll strip those vines clean
in no time!

Grandma has sugar,
she’s boiling the jars
and went do the store for
some lids and some pectin.

And with buckets of berries
we wash ‘em all clean,
the scratches on our legs
and arms throbbing
our lips blue with
blackberry juice.

And we put the ingredients
in the pot grandma
uses for canning,
stained golden
brown by all the years
and all the fruit
and vegetables that
have passed through,
ghosts of summers past.

Cooking and stirring,
we take turns, skimming
the foam
but only grandma knows how long
to cook the berries,
and when they’re ready, the
jars lined up like soldiers
she dips the jam and
ladles the jam,
with hardly a spill.

Once the lids are on the waiting
begins. We usually don’t get a taste until
the next day. The jar that didn’t
seal right is our lawful prey.

And if we’re lucky,
Grandma has fresh bread to go
with the jam,
and it vanishes just as quickly
as we did when it
was time to wash up.


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