Let’s Remember Dorinda’s Birthday

As many of you know, a good friend passed away last Autumn. Today’s her birthday, so this is a little memorium to her. I still miss her dreadfully. (If you are curious about her outfit, below, she is wearing a recreation of early Viking garb. She was also a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism, or SCA. She was one of the finest artists I’ve known.)


Let’s Remember Dorinda’s Birthday

Though why we remember
her birth,
when she has passed,
is a teensy bit silly.
I hear her laughing at it
even now because it always
seemed to surprise her to know
how much her friends cared.

It is sad to have her gone
but I still think that she
is past all that nonsense
of sadness and crying. She
did enough of it while she was here.

She’s cried enough.

So I remember her with a smile
and think of jokes I’d like
to tell her.


8 thoughts on “Let’s Remember Dorinda’s Birthday

    • Her death hit me particularly hard. She was younger than me by a few years, and we talked frequently. I just try to imagine her happy, out of sorrow’s way. Thanks, De.

  1. I love how clean and unpretentious this is. This is a fine tribute. May your heart be comforted today. – Moskowitz

  2. Diana, your lovely poem gave me pause, and I remembered all the friends (living and passed on) who’ve touched my life in some way. It made me also think of all the friends I’ve made through poetry, like-minded poets, who’ve also touched me deeply. We share small bits of our core, our centre, our soul with one another, and I think that’s a rare gift.

    • I love deeply when I love, so it is hard to lose a friend. It is a wonderful thing, though, to have friends, so I don’t stop myself from caring even though I know there might be pain a little later. Thank you for your perceptive kindness, Misky. ❤

  3. I miss Dorinda dearly but know she would like me to focus on the good times; all the laughter and smiles we shared together. I think of Dorinda daily and thankful to have known her.

    • I think of her frequently, miss her often. It is hard to believe I won’t be seeing her again. :/ But you’re right, we need to focus on the good and fond remembrances.

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