April 21, Microscopic

What an interesting prompt! The first thing I thought of was my microscope vision, which is what you have if you’re terribly myopic and take off your glasses! It has been invaluable in taking out splinters and in seeing tiny teeny things, like, for instance, the teensy screw that once held one of the earpieces on your glasses and that you’re now trying to put back together. At any rate, before I go off to a baby shower, here is my message of the day! Perhaps when I come back I’ll have another thought for this prompt.


Microscope Vision

Glasses, I wear them, it’s true.
(Be careful, don’t knock them askew!)
They are heavy and thick
but they do the trick
They help me simply to see you.

It ain’t fun wearing glasses, I’ll tell ya
Though contacts can help me feel less blah
Boys just don’t make passes
at girls who wear glasses,
But without I can’t see an inch from my jaw.

But there’s a benefit to being myopic
That you just don’t get just being hydropic
My unfiltered vision
Helps me see with precision
Removing kids’ splinters microscopic

And when doing embroidery fine
stitching a near invisible line
I just take off my glasses
and I can see passes
that make my work look just divine.

So when laser surgery’s suggested
When I go to have my eyes tested
Since my microscope vision,
helps me see with precision
I think I’ll leave my eyes unmolested.



2 thoughts on “April 21, Microscopic

  1. I don’t know if your poem is factual or not, but I’m glad that you’re sensible about your sight. One of my sons had that laser surgery, and it went well, thankfully. I still think it’s risky though.

    • I really am quite blind without corrective lenses. I’ve always felt quite sympathtic with Mr. Mole for that reason. ^_^ I am terrified of corrective surgery, though it might be nice to SEE, I don’t like the idea at all. Plus, I would miss my microscope vision.

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