April 22, Judging

The prompt today was to write a judging poem -either you being judged or judging, or the judging of others. And Robert made a point to ask everyone to play nice. I appreciate that. And I hope I don’t offend anyone by today’s poem about judging.



“Oh yeah,” I thought
as I sat amidst the ladies
at the baby shower.

“This is what this is like.”
Nice ladies, all as thin as a stick
and smiling so kindly
and I pull my shirt down
a bit
to camouflage that
extra bit of tummy
that never quite goes away.

And then the chatter begins:
One is talking about her new clothes,
so elegant,
bought as a bribe by her husband
so she would accompany him
to a marathon
across the country.

And how lovely the weather was
in Boston
and how he made such a

She’s not boasting, not much,
but she is subtly
those ladies who don’t
have the wherewithal
to fly cross country
for a new outfit.

And then the topic changes
to college and
higher education
and how one lady spent
a semester at
they were so glad to have her
and though it is boasting
a little
it’s all so virtuous
because it’s all about
e d u c a t i o n
and how important that is.

And so I quietly get up
and go sit by the
tattooed lady
in the corner.

Yes, I am judging,
in my own way.
But I find the conversation
much more to my liking.



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