April 25, (Extreme) Sports

Today’s prompt was actually “sport” but you know I always go overboard on things and decided to write about extreme sports. I only listed a few, and if I come up with any more extreme sports that sound interesting I may add them too. There is no shortage of crazy interesting people willing to do extreme things. ^_^


Extreme Sports

Wind surfing, ice yachting,
cliff diving, grizzly watching,
base jumping, trail blazing,
pearl diving’s just amazing,
free falling from a plane,
chasing lightning in the rain,
circus acts, tightrope walking
lion tamer, critter stalking
jumping through a fiery ring,
Africanized bee keeping
contortionist, sword swallower,
scary, foreign cult follower,
alcoholic fire eater,
blackbelt bearing death cheater,
treasure diver, lumberjack,
race car driver heart attack,
parcour, barefoot waterskiing,
third-world country sightseeing.

However interesting these may be
I find none of them are for me.

EDIT: This YouTube video totally goes with today’s poem:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yKWoPlL2B8I (Of course, it is not owned by me or made by me, but is just a link to a neato video on YouTube.)

6 thoughts on “April 25, (Extreme) Sports

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