April 28, Problem

The prompt today was problem, going along, I suppose, with yesterday’s “trouble” prompt. Problems and troubles, they are merely challenges in our lives, no? Things to overcome? I think so, but I also think that sometimes problems are a means of getting—maybe a little—attention.

...just walk away...

The Real Problem

You seem to be a magnet
for trouble—your problems number
in the hundreds, if not

And though you find it necessary
to tell me them all,
enumerated one by one,
and cry about your pain,
I see no evidence
that you are all that
by them
as an actual
matter of course.

It sometimes seems as if
you almost
your pain and
the attention you get
reciting your trouble
to one-after-another
of your friends.

And you recite your tales,
getting more elaborate
and emotional
with each recitation,
until you get the response
you’re looking for,
the answer you wanted
and then go with

So forgive me,
my friend,
I love you still,
but I just can’t
talk to you


3 thoughts on “April 28, Problem

  1. Amen. Sometimes their problems are interesting, more often they must make me tired. Good write.

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