The Wednesday prompt was to write about Vacuum because with the lack of challenges filling our every thinking moment, the world does seem a bit more empty. It just feels wrong not to be thinking, thinking, thinking about how to attack the prompt. And so I DID try to think about how to attack the prompt…and the results were…well, you’ll see. ^_^

Nature Abhors a—Yawn

drift in
a sea of
wordlessness I
try to wake my muse,
who, exhausted, mumbles,
turns over and falls to sleep.
“What a great idea,”
I think as I sink
into the down-
y cover-
let and

8 thoughts on “Vacuum

    • Thanks iam – I have the same problem, but reading the suggestions on your comments section might actually help me resolve mine. ^_^ Let me know how it works for you!!

      • This helped me:
        when you are on the page to post a new post, there are two tabs : one is called “visual”, and the other “HTML”. Write your text in the latter (or copy it from your program in there), then switch to the “visual” tab, to change your text (like : make it bold if you like, or change it’s color and so on…in general, switch between these two.

  1. I like this and the way it’s laid out. I was actually reading Dylan Thomas last night (I often do) and he has a couple of poems set out in a similar fashion 🙂

  2. Loved it. I wrote a poem called “My Kvetching Muse” and it ends with my muse insulting me and walking away. But I knew she’d come back, as she’s as co-dependent as I am. Thanks for the poem.

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