One Hundred Years of Company

Please don’t think I’m against company because of this poem. But I am adverse to judgmental, ungrateful, embarrassing company. And that’s all I want to say on that subject. The poem may speak for itself. (This is, again, after the Wednesday prompt today challenging us to change the title of a book and write a poem about that.)

One Hundred Years of Company

Or that’s how it feels
when you’re not really ready
to share every nook
and cranny of your home
with your overly-curious
who silently judge
your housekeeping
based on a standard
made in the ‘fifties
when moms stayed home
and took care of
it all.

That’s how it feels
when you wake up
to see your company
in their boxers
outside in your garden
and putting the butts
in the garden gnome’s

That’s how it feels
when you no longer
even want to
suppress the words
that are begging to be

Yes, it feels
like a hundred years
at least.


8 thoughts on “One Hundred Years of Company

  1. I echo my two colleague’s sentiments. Great – I’m already tired of them. Start leaving coupons for modestly-priced motels on the kitchen/coffee table. 🙂 Mosk

  2. Oooooh, boy. Did you know that garden gnomes invented the term ankle-biters? Gnomes aren’t usually bad tempered, but being mistaken for an ashtray could do it. 😉

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