Where the Wild Things Were

The Wednesday prompt today was to take the title of a book and change it and then write a poem about it. This is my tribute to dear Maurice Sendak. We will miss you, sir.





Where the Wild Things Were

They inhabited the bedrooms and halls
of my house,
and my children’s fears
of monsters were gone
because of Max
and the roaring of the terrible roars
that weren’t so terrible
any more
and the gnashing of the terrible teeth
wasn’t frightening
when it was part of the story.

And so they would play being Max
and take turns being the wild things
and eventually
come to me
for cookies and milk.

Let the wild rumpus start.


8 thoughts on “Where the Wild Things Were

  1. I loved this when I read it yesterday and I love it even more today. In fact, I just read it to my daughter just because it is so excellently written and so excellent a tribute.

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