Awards? NO way!!

I’ve been putting this off because I’ve been so busy, but I find I must write this post. I’ve been nominated for the Leibster Blog Award — and not just once, but three times. I know, right! I am totally honored, and didn’t really feel like they had the right person, but after the first two, I realized I would have to admit it. ^_^  The Leibster Award is an award passed from blogger to blogger – no site of origin that I could find – but that kind of makes it even cooler. You pass the blog on to who you feel really deserves it – and the award spreads and grows and is altogether wonderful.

These are the rules:  The Liebster Award

  1. Link back to who nominated you.
  2. Nominate five blogs with fewer than 200 follows.
  3. Let nominees know by leaving a comment on their sites.
  4. Add the award image to your site.

The wonderful and kind people that nominated me for the Liebster award are:

Penguin Poems – Andrew Kreider –

MiskMask-Alphabet Soup de Jour –

Cloud Factor 5 – Randy Bell –

Thank you so much. I appreciate it more than I can say. ❤

My nominations for the Liebster award are:

Chris at Greencheata

Cate at CateWrites

Emma at Emma’s Dreams


Jaqueline at Poem-atic

I was also nominated for the Versitile Blogger award by Chris at Green Cheata –  I KNOW! It kind of blew me away too. ^_^

Here is a link to the Versitile blogger site for the rules – even more stringent, but still awesome.

For my nominations for the Versitile Blogger award, we have:

Buddah Moskowitz at I Hate Poetry

De Jackson at WhimsyGizmo

MiskMask at Alphabet Soup de Jour and at Misk Cooks

GJ Scobie at GJ Scobie’s Blog and at A Distant Threat of Moonlight

Melissa at Tangible Daydreams

Claudia at CK’s Warrior Queen

Pearl at Imagine

J Lynn Sheridan at Writing on the Sun

Jaqueline at Poem-atic


Ed at A Taste for Drink

And now, according to the rules, I need to list seven things about myself, which is kind of hard. But I can do it, I know I can. Here they are:

1-My favorite book of all time is Jane Eyre. I read it dozens of times as a kid and am a kind of connoisseur of the Jane Eyre movies. (The best one is the A&E version with Timothy Dalton, even though he really IS too handsome to be Mr. Rochester).

2-My favorite color is indigo, and will make do with that pretty cobalt color you can find in glass. In fact, T knows that if I’m mad at him, all will be forgiven for a piece of pretty glass. I know, but I love it.

3-I make awesome pie. Any kind. And I firmly believe that the quality of the ingredients is at least half of the qualification to make the pie really great.

4-I have two cats, Suzie and Emmett. They were both lost cats that we rescued and they are adorable, except when they’re shedding or when I have to clean the litter. :p

5-My favorite band is Three Days Grace. I know, they are a post-grunge Canadian band, and my sons say I am an emo teenager at heart. Whatever. I just know the lyrics really speak to me. I also like most other music, as long as it’s not demeaning and it has poetry in it.

6-I hate change. Just. Hate. It. I want everyone to stay and be the same and nobody to ever leave. When we have a shakeup at work, I’m a wreck. It’s silly and I KNOW life is change, but it is a battle between me and change and change always wins, but I still hate it.

7-I am ridiculous when it comes to technology. I love it, but can’t quite figure out how to use it unless I force myself. I have a smart phone that is smarter than me and that I don’t know how to really use right. I know it’s POSSIBLE to load music onto an mp-3 player, but haven’t done it yet, because, well I don’t know why I haven’t. It’s not that hard, right? Hmm.

And that’s it. These awards aren’t voted on, they are simply awarded. Congratulations to all of you, you’re all amazing!


20 thoughts on “Awards? NO way!!

  1. re: Jane Eyre. You are SO right re: Dalton, but I think they get stuck with good looking Rochesters in movies because it’s so hard to reproduce that animal charisma in film without the visual. I have a thing about Alan Rickman – always wondered if he could have done it when young…

      • Well, I’m biased – I’ll still think he’s got it when he’s 80. That voice and rangy physique just slay me (don’t tell my hubby LOL!).

        • IMDb says he’s only 66. But Rochester is, at his oldest, no more than 45 or so. *sigh* I don’t think he could pull it off. :/ Bummer that nobody thought of him for the part 20 years ago.

  2. Good day Diana,l always enjoy reading your blog.l hope you will receive Liebster blog award,It is confusing ,but l think rules should be clear. I wish you luck.Best regards. J MICHAEL SABBAGH.

  3. Congratulations to you, Diana and thank you for the award. I finally finished Jane Eyre and am a fan, too. Have a Super Mother’s Day. Hope you get pie, Indigo Pie. (I have always said my favorite color is purple but I decided today to switch it to Indigo because there’s a huge difference.)

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