Wednesday Poetry – Dessert

I was hammering at rhymes with Boston Cream and Rhubarb and Baked Alaska, and got frustrated and just wrote what I feel. (Which is generally the best idea anyway. In case you didn’t notice, the prompt for today’s poem is Dessert.) So. Enjoy!

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Just Dessert

When I sat down
at the restaurant
they treated me
just fine.
But when I went to
place my order,
I could tell
they were confused
by my insistence
on seeing
the dessert menu

I ordered chocolate mousse,
and pie ala mode
and cake, one called chocolate death,
and also,
a side of tapioca.

They humored me,
and I had dessert first
and left this time
too full for


7 thoughts on “Wednesday Poetry – Dessert

  1. Ha! LOVE it! Something about the brilliant word placement of “chocolate death,/and also,/a side of tapioca” made me laugh out loud already, and then that awesome ending. Thank you for the sweet smile! 🙂

    • The best one I could find for baked Alaska was “I’ll ask ya” which seems really Ogden Nashian, which was actually heartening, but then it got too ridiculous. Rhubarb? Tell me if you find one. ^_^ Thanks. ^_^

    • I think I would need other people at the table to share with though. OR!! I could take home lots of leftovers! Wow, why have I never thought of that!!

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