New Form, Rondeau – In the Desert

I thought I would take some time and learn the Rondeau form, a popular form in 13th-century France. (I do have a huge interest in medieval history after all.)

I took it and made it into a paean to the desert. On days like today, when the temp will reach 108 ºF, which is, I believe, is 42.2 ºC, I try to appreciate the beauty, too. So here is my try at a Rondeau.

In the Desert

Image/Text (modified) credit WikiMedia Commons – by Alan D. Wilson,

In the desert the sun will shine
The cacti find the heat benign
Birds, coyotes and lizards thrive
They each find ways they can survive
The moon, the night, the rain like wine.

Wildlife worship each cactus shrine
for this is where they live and dine
sleeping days, by night they thrive
in the desert.

Tis true, most folks the heat malign,
no eyes to see the beauty fine,
the multitude the rain revives,
the myriad of tiny lives
in the desert.

Desert Flower, Public Domain

Prickly Pear in bloom


10 thoughts on “New Form, Rondeau – In the Desert

  1. Beautiful, Diana. I especially love this line:
    “The moon, the night, the rain like wine.”

    We’re desert rats by location (Southern Nevada), though I’m an ocean/lake girl at heart. My son is enamored of all we have here – creature and cacti, that “myriad of tiny lives.” Thank you for this beautiful reminder.

    • When it gets so hot I have to remind myself it is beautiful here, or I would despair. Thank heavens for AC. But also, thank heavens for those myriad little lives that make it so fascinating to live here.

      Thanks, De.

  2. Absolutely wonderful – love the desert and all the little lives there. It’s 89 degrees at 7:17 pm as I write this.

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