Adventures in Sewing, and Hammering Grommets (of Death)

A friend of mine asked me to fix her bathing suit. The general premise was that I should slit it up the sides and put in grommets so it could be one of those sexy lace-up-the-side numbers. And thank goodness she gave me a deadline because I am a known procrastinator. So I had until Friday—that is, have it done and delivered by Friday—so she could take it on vacation.

So I did it. I took the challenge. I slit the bathing suit up the sides and put some elastic facing on with my serger, and then put in 24 grommets. Now, before I go any further, let me tell you why I don’t usually use tools. I don’t use tools because I usually manage to do physical harm to myself when I use them. And its not like I don’t know how to use them, or that I’m inept or clumsy or anything. Add to this the fact that I always forget this small detail when I decide to go use tools for some little task I need to do. And when I have adult supervision in the house, I generally get started, start hurting myself, and said adult takes over with me helping and directing while I suck on my bleeding finger.

But I don’t have any adult supervision right now. O_o

Cut scene back to me, pounding grommets into the side seams of this bathing suit. I couldn’t find a hammer, and one definitely needs a hammer to use the little grommet tool to weld the grommets halves together. And I looked and looked for the hammer, but all I could manage to find was a hatchet with a flat back side, flat enough to hammer with. Figuring this would be better than the heel of  a stiletto, which would be the only other option if I didn’t want to go the hardware store to buy another hammer, (we have at least six hammers, why I couldn’t find one is beyond me, I just have bad tool luck, remember?) I decided to use the back of the hatchet. No problems here. I’m smart and capable, right?


Now, just in case you, dear reader, are faint of heart, don’t fear reading on. No fingers were actually lost in the grommeting of the bathing suit. However, I did find the hatchet kept slipping off the grommet tool as I hammered and it just insisted on mashing my fingers dreadfully. The last straw came on the 15th grommet, when I actually mashed the side of my finger badly enough to set it bleeding. Oh, the curses did flow, they did.

So I found a wrench to hold onto the grommet tool with so I could spare my fingers, and yes, it did take longer to hammer them because the wrench made the grommet tool slip somewhat, but my aching fingers didn’t care. I just made it work. And yes, maybe it looked foolish while I was doing it, but now that I’m done, the bathing suit looks just fab.

So now that my fingers are bandaged and my project is done, I thought I would share a little bit of my pain, and of course, any commiseration or condolences for my bruises would be gratifying. Oh, and I took a little picture of my weapons of mass destruction tools. And also, the bathing suit. ^_^

Weapons of Mass Destruction

Gorgeous and Good-as-New Bathing Suit

Close-up of Grommets of Death


10 thoughts on “Adventures in Sewing, and Hammering Grommets (of Death)

  1. This is hilarious! That first photo looks like a scene from a horror movie. You are obviously a dedicated friend, a brilliant sew-er, and a total klutz. What a combo. Oh, and a fantastic writer! 🙂 There is always room in the house for one more hammer…

    • If I HAD gone to the hardware store the story wouldn’t have ended up as funny, admit it. And I had no guarantees the hammer would work any better than the hatchet. I found that the more I hurt myself, the clumsier I got. D: But all’s well that ends well, I suppose. My fingers are still bruised, but I don’t think I will lose any fingernails this time.

      Thanks for your kind comments, Andrew. ^_^

  2. OMG. You are amazing. I’ve been sewing for 15 years and I’ve never once used a grommet. I’ve been to scared of them. Kudos to you for being brave! (and successful –it looks awesome!)

    • I do historical costuming, and have used grommets to lace up bodices and corsets and such. Hammers really do work better for this. :p Next time I will just go to the hardware store.

      Thank you!

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