A Walk Alone at Night

This is an old poem I found in my archive. It goes here now because it describes so well that feeling of being home alone… I am, once more, supervised, thank goodness. Who knows what other trouble I could’ve gotten into.

I do believe in spooks, I do, I do, I do, I do!

A Walk Alone at Night

It starts with an itchy feeling
between my shoulder-blades
as if someone is watching me.

It’s not as if the feeling fades,
rather, it grows until the shades
and spirits gather thick

and so I spin around
heart pounding
keys in hand

and nothing
is there.

And so I walk on trying not
to freak out, telling myself
it’s nothing,

when it feels so much
like something.


And as an added bonus, I’ll highlight here a new item in my Zazzle store – a t-shirt that reads “I’m home alone with no adult supervision. I think I should begin using power tools immediately.”



5 thoughts on “A Walk Alone at Night

  1. Great – I’ve had this feeling a million times, but you’ve nailed it for me. Big thumbs up!

  2. Good day Diana, you are drawing a picture with your words ,the eyes read but the hearts can feel..Great job.BEST WISHES. J Michael Sabbagh

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