“Oh, Girls Camp, How I Loved You”

The prompt today was “Camping.” What fun memories that brought back; I love camping! My earliest experiences were with family, but I got to go to girls camp most of my teen years, and loved it.


Oh, Girls Camp, How I Loved You

Our camp leaders
were so determined to
let us have the full

They led us on hikes,
taught us to make fire
without matches,
we used our mess kits,
did laundry in the creek,
chopped our own firewood
(with only a few accidents
requiring butterfly bandages—
have I mentioned I
should probably not
use tools?)
and even S’mores
and singing silly songs
by the fire.

And, wonderfully,
the leaders allowed
all the pranks
that make it so fun:
cellophane on the toilet seat
coated in honey;
“breakfast in bed” (which was
simply cheerios in the sleeping bag)
and the infamous snipe hunts.
(“Here, snipe, snipe, snipe…”)

They would wake us each morning
with obnoxious songs
sung in each tent
and we groaned in horror
(and secretly loved the attention).

What they did not expect,
one bright July morning,
was all their long johns
flying from the flagpole.

We had outdone

We made them proud.


4 thoughts on ““Oh, Girls Camp, How I Loved You”

  1. This is great, Diana! What fun! I’m about to lead a rowdy group of girls at our church’s Kids Camp. I think I’ll leave my long johns at home. 😉

    This cracked me up:
    “have I mentioned I
    should probably not
    use tools?”
    Oh, man. I feel ya. 😉

    • Be ready, De, to have a ton of fun. ^_^ (In Oregon, even the summer nights were chilly, hence, long johns. One particular pair, I recall with fondness, was red flannel. It looked marvelous at the top of the flagpole…)

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