Charlotte, North Carolina

Downtown Charlotte, NC

Still rainy weather, but isn’t this pretty? ^_^ I love the clouds, we never get nice rain like this in Arizona. ^_^

Crosswalks outside the NASCAR Hall of Fame

The NASCAR Hall of Fame is in downtown Charlotte – aren’t the crosswalks cool?  (See, they’re checkered, like a checkered flag!!)

Old, old race car

We spent hours at the NASCAR Hall of Fame. I watch with T, but he’s the real fan, as he pointed out to me when I said, no, I would not be willing to try out all the pit crew stations to see which one I’d be best at. ^_^ (I have a suspicion I’d really be best at being team mom – baking cookies and putting on bandaids.)

This was my favorite car. Apparently NASCAR got started because bootleggers needed fast cars to escape police during the prohibition! Who knew? Anyway, off to sleep!

Tomorrow: more adventures!


2 thoughts on “Charlotte, North Carolina

  1. I knew the bootlegger roots of stock car racing. Do I get a cookie? I may be the only MNINBer who drove race cars that, coincidentally, replicate in miniature NASCAR’s first racers. Check out Legends Cars at the 600 Racing site or see on YouTube. Oh, by the way, cookies are essential to any race organization. I am certain you would have been the most popular crew member..
    Congrats on you sons graduation..

    • You totally win the cookie!! ^_^ I will have to take a look at your miniatures — did you say you are on Facebook? ^_^ Are you affiliated with the Legends Cars at the 600? So cool. (At least I can speak relatively intelligently about NASCAR, which I cannot say about football — I still just don’t get how the rules of that game work.)

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