Southern Cooking, Part II

Friday we drove from Columbia, SC through Charleston, and saw many bridges – here is one photo because it looks kind of cool:

Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge, Charleston, S.C.

It was pretty from a distance, and also really cool driving under it. The point, of course, was to travel south east from Charleston so we could go to Myrtle Beach. I had a yen to dip my toes in the Atlantic…

Toes in the sand of Myrtle Beach

…which I did.

But in the meantime, we had to drive to Myrtle beach along I-17 from Atlanta. And along the way we stopped at the “SeeWee.”

SeeWee Restaurant

SeeWee – Bikers Welcome! ^_^

I could smell the ocean (though couldn’t see it) so wanted seafood. We ordered Stone crab legs. And I entered heaven for a little while. (You can also see collard greens in the little bowl. They were good, though a little too salty.)

Stone Crab Claws at the SeeWee

This was followed by Key lime pie. Of course, this was the main meal that day…I think we had PBJs for supper.

Key Lime Pie at the SeeWee

I will have more food in a post soon, and an update dedicated to my son’s Army graduation. ^_^ Still sorting pictures!!!


6 thoughts on “Southern Cooking, Part II

    • The claws were very hard to break open. Luckily, T is much stronger and was able to break them open. It was the perfect (late) lunch. Makes up for the horrid hotel room we found…

    • We had a fantastic time!! Will be uploading one more set of vacation photos tonight! I enjoyed the food, but T was not so satisfied with his crab cakes. I guess he should have ordered the crab!! ^_^

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