Southern Cooking, Part III

After visiting Myrtle Beach we had no recourse but to drive through state highways in South Carolina to get back to Charlotte, North Carolina, in order to leave from Charlotte the next day. It wasn’t that far in miles, but it was endless in traffic. I am surprised there are no interstates that go to Myrtle Beach, but perhaps that is part of the charm? We drove forever at slow-traffic speeds in the tree tunnels (see previous post for reference) and we weary travelers when we made it back to the hotel that evening.

But we still had to eat and we went (on the advice of the hotel clerk, Ferlandos) to a soul food place called “LuWan’s.”

La’Wan’s Soul Food, Charlotte, NC

The waiter was hilarious, he loved talking, and when I told him I was going to post the food on my blog, he insisted in holding up my dinner for me to take the picture. (I had catfish, collards, and mashed potatoes and gravy.)

Mmm, yummy catfish!

T had whitefish, and okra instead of collards. (The collards were PERFECT, by the way!! Just a little spicy and a little bacony and a little sweet. Yum!)

Whitefish, Okra, soul food is fantastic!

T likes okra much better than fried pickles. ^_^ He says it doesn’t need any sauce to make it palatable, but I just say ewww, okra is slimy. :p

And for one last picture, a picture of a boat we saw in Georgetown, SC. Its name was funny, to me at least.

Not such a bad “Plan B” I’m thinking


2 thoughts on “Southern Cooking, Part III

  1. Oh gosh, I so agree with you about okra. My mother loved the stuff, and it was so slimy the way she made it that it would slide off the plate if you blew on it. Totally icky stuff! I’ve never had catfish though – it looks like a thin fillet – is it?

    • It is a thin filet and I love it. It is very easy to prepare—salt and pepper (and cayenne if you can handle it) and then coated with a mixture of corn and wheat flour. It fries up very quickly and is crisp and delicious. ^_^

      But okra? *shudder* Not for me.

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