Wednesday Poetry – Straight Line – “Patterns”

The prompt today was straight line – or line – and so I thought about the endless line you make with a Spirograph. It’s all terribly mathematical if you look at things that way, but as a kid, it was just something fun to do until you ran out of paper or ink.



In one long line, my Spirograph
would let me make pictures
of eternal

I could play for hours
with just my pen
and paper
and the little pins
that held the Spirograph
parts to the board
and I would try to be
as perfect
as possible
to make the beginning
of the line
match up
to the end.

As time went by,
I would try
different ink colors

Two colors, two patterns

and would put
several patterns
in one.
I soon learned that
too much effort
often resulted in
an unruly mess.

Just so
with our lives
we focus on each moment,
each achievement,
hoping that
by the end
we will see
rather than a
tangled mess.

Various designs

Here’s hoping our
meet up
with our



10 thoughts on “Wednesday Poetry – Straight Line – “Patterns”

    • It was so fun to me, even though I am not mathematical at all. Perhaps the relative effortlessness was what was fascinating – real math took thinking, but these patterns were easy to make. Thanks Misky!

    • I loved mine too, but there was always someone who could come up with even more complex designs. I have no idea when I stopped using it – probably ran out of paper, but later in HS math, we would do graphs that would replicate some of the designs. Still cool. ^_^

  1. SPIROGRAPH! I loooooved my spirograph! Oh, my. Did this every bring back some memories. Fantastic. I loved your ending:
    “Here’s hoping our
    meet up
    with our


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