Good vs. Evil

Well, the prompt was “Good vs. Evil” OR any one thing pitted against another. I’ve written two, quickly today. No time!

Johnny B. Goode’s ’59 Cadillac Coupe de Ville

Goode vs. de Ville

Plaintiff, Johnny B. Goode,
has brought suit against
his Coupe de Ville,
claiming it
“did not make him
look as cool
as he ought to look.”

The Coupe had no defense.
It merely pointed out
that Johnny
needed no help
at all
in looking

Waiting at the Door

In vs. Out

The eternal dance of
a cat or dog
who is allowed
freedom of the yard.

In or out?
Out or in?
They hover on
the door step
what they
really want.

And all you really want
is to stop waiting
(and waiting
and waiting)
on them.


3 thoughts on “Good vs. Evil

  1. These are both great, Diana. Truth: it is not what we wear or own but who we are that makes us “cool” or “totally uncool.” The car? I’d drive one! I will take Johnny’s, and not care a whit about looking as cool as I should.

    I know the doggy dance. The steps are in, pant and wag tail at the door, out, bark bark bark, in, pant and wag tail at the door…

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