One more for today – Down vs. Up

That doesn’t make sense, does it. But a friend posted the most “down” post in FB today, so I am reposting it along with my response. So there. Down vs. Up. ^_^

I’m tired of crying.
I’m tired of yelling.
I’m tired of being sad.
I’m tired of pretending
I’m tired of being alone
I’m tired of being angry.
I’m tired of feeling crazy.
I’m tired of feeling stuck.
I’m tired of needing help
I’m tired of remembering.
I’m tired of missing things.
I’m tired of being different.
I’m tired of missing people
I’m tired of feeling worthless.
I’m tired of feeling empty inside.
I’m tired of not being able to just let go.
I’m tired of wishing I could start all over.
I’m tired of dreaming of a life I will never have.
But most of all, I’m just tired of being tired.


Dry your tears.
Take a breath.
Try to smile.
Be who you are.
Hug your family.
Let go of your anger.
Realize you’re sane.
Step outside your boundaries.
Pay it forward.
Just let it go.
Be content with what you have.
Embrace your difference.
Call someone you miss.
Realize you are precious.
Fill your heart with love.
Learn to just let go and go on.
Realize that starting over isn’t always the answer.
Dream of a life you can have.
Take a nap.


12 thoughts on “One more for today – Down vs. Up

  1. Diana, thank you for your message on my blog. I still cannot get it to work the way it should, and know all the replies I send are not reaching you or anyone else. I will conquer the problem eventually.

    Your sweet encouragement is all I need. I have the world’s best therapist helping me on this healing journey. I will make it through.

    • At least people take me seriously now. I’ve always looked ridiculously younger than I am, which was the bane of my existence as a young girl. Now that I’m almost 50, people listen to my words without thinking I’m a just a youngster! Hooray Age!!

      Thank you, Misky!

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