Someone Else

Someone Else

Don’t you wish you could be
someone else?
Someone you might have been
if you’d made different choices?

Perhaps I would have never married
and become the marine biologist
I once thought I would be.
I would spend my days on boats
and in labs
and in classrooms
and with the animals
and beside the sea.

Perhaps I would have waited to marry
and would just now be a mother,
rather than someone with
children grown.
I would be discovering all the little
things that make children so dear.

Or perhaps, if my choice had been different,
I would have different children
I would be a mother of girls, maybe,
or more, or fewer
or none at all.

Perhaps my dreams of travel,
of living
and working
in foreign places
would have come more true.

Or perhaps,
just maybe,
I would really change
nothing at all,
changing it all would
make me lose the love I have
and the children I have
and the life I have
even if
I occasionally long
another life,
another me.


11 thoughts on “Someone Else

  1. … and maybe some of those early dreams can circle round again. Now that life has unfolded to this point. Living without regrets, or at least with a love for what has come to be, is a beautiful thing. Love it.

  2. I think we all contemplate this from time to time, but I suspect like you, I wouldn’t change any of the major decisions that I’ve made. They’ve brought me great happiness.

    • But I will always wonder about the road not taken… I have been known to map it all out in my mind, though certainly things would have been different than I imagine. And I also imagine that other me, wondering about this me. ^_^

  3. I guess we all wonder sometimes…but I fear that if another road had been taken, would we be better off or worse off. I am a true believer that the paths that we have taken are the paths we were meant to take. I loved your poem! Thought provoking!

  4. It’s bittersweet. I think we all have thoughts like this, and inevitably, we are brought round to this same conclusion. You’ve summed it up so well here. 🙂

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