This is What Compassion Looks Like

Today’s prompt was a fill-in-the-blank prompt: “This is what _________ looks like.”

This is What Compassion Looks Like

It’s not staring at someone and
wondering what’s wrong with them,
be they crippled, or blind,
wounded where you can see the wound
or perhaps where you can’t.

It’s looking at them
the same way you would
look at anyone.

It’s not acting like they’re
not there
or whispering about them
when you think
they don’t notice
or even laughing at the
trouble they have with even
the simplest things,
like dressing appropriately,
because maybe they don’t realize
their fine clothes reek of mothballs,
they’re just grateful they have

It’s treating them the same
as you would treat
anyone, and perhaps,
even with a tiny grain of
tolerance because
they aren’t as capable
of living in this complex world
as you are.

It’s not mocking them,
whether they hear you
or not.

It’s letting your mind accept
that people are different and
mockery doesn’t make them less,
but it does make you


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