Something Unexpected

Today’s prompt was to write about something unexpected. At last I have a moment to ponder, and a sweet little memory came bubbling to the top.

Canoeing on the Platte

It was a gorgeous
if muggy day
in Nebraska.
A group of young men
and women
and I were canoeing
and rafting down the Platte River.

The water was murky and
the mud was soft and deep.
There were birds everywhere
and frogs,
all overlooking our
day-long journey.

The kids in my canoe
were the quiet ones
the ones who liked to read
and followed long
fantasy book
series’ like I did
and we had a delightful time
recounting “our heroes” adventures
while having one of our own.

We were stained with water
and silt
and sun
by the end of the day
and we smelled of the earthy
river yet felt so renewed
and cleansed
as we hiked wearily up
to where our cars were parked.

I rested at the top, not as young
as the oldest of
the youngsters,
and caught my breath.

And I felt a little buzz
so I looked down
at my hand
where a
was resting,
as weary as I, it seemed,
and her jeweled colors
entranced me
and bespelled me.
So I sat a while longer
in her company.

She flew to my shoulder
and we walked to my car
together, though soon
she flitted away
on her own errands,
and I went on
to mine.


6 thoughts on “Something Unexpected

    • Aw, thanks Resa! The secret is that I’m a novelist and not really a poet at all. I simply write out my thoughts in verse form. It’s amazing to me that I actually reach people. ^_^ Every day is a wonder!

    • Welcome to my brain, Misky. Always the weird one, these are the thoughts that go through my head during even the most mundane of adventures. ^_^

      And thanks. ^_^

  1. What a re-energizing read! I love your descriptions. I remember soft mud at a lake when I was a kid and how it felt good and smooth and kind of icky all at the same time. 🙂 You always make me smile.

    • You always say the nicest things, Kim, but to me the memory is as clear as if it had happened yesterday. Maybe what I’m doing here, on this blog, is helping my future, senile self who has no idea who I am or what I’ve done. LOL like a memory repository. ^_^

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