Plea poem – What Were You Thinking?

The prompt was to write a “plea” poem.  I blame the mood of today’s poem on the migraine I had yesterday. Leaves me feeling a little weary, though life really is good. Be warned, though, reader, my positive self is still sleeping with many pillows in my quiet bed.


What Were You Thinking?

You let me go,
me and our three sons
(one was only six months old)
and you refused to help us.
(At least, without a court

You flew over two thousand miles
to take my car, though you
at least
allowed me to take the
car seats and strollers out
when I caught you at it.

You begrudged every single penny
the court made you pay
to care for your kids.

Is it just that you wanted me
to suffer? Even though you
were the one who

Is it that you wanted to
simply wash your hands
of my part in your

You tried to make me feel
like I was the bad one,
like I had done something
by not falling in with
your plans
as I did when we were married.

But my loyalty no longer belonged
to you.

You no longer had my trust.

My heart no longer held
you within.

And you could not comprehend
that I had given those things
to you freely,
you thought I was simply

And I look back now
from a distance of twenty years
and wonder
what you could possibly
have been thinking?

I could never have abandoned
my children
to fate
regardless of the personal cost.

What was wrong with our marriage
was you.

Used heart: once broken, but still functional.


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