Snowflake, Arizona

We’ve come to Snowflake Arizona for a retreat planned by my law firm. Almost everyone from work is here and it is strange to see everyone so relaxed and in casual dress. The drive here was gorgeous. Coming up over the Mogollon Rim felt like we were driving into the sky, so bright was the day and so blue was the sky.

Overlooking the Rim

The bed and breakfast we are staying at is called the Heritage Inn, and it seems that Heritage is what Snowflake is all about. We’re here for the Pioneer Day celebration, and it has been interesting, to say the least. Last night’s dinner was at Sank Flake’s Party Barn, a shrine to Western kitsch if there ever was one; if you can think of any type of western souvenir, you would find it in the barn, I’ve put a few photos below to show you what I mean. ^_^

Sank’s “Pet” Steer


Another view of a steer










Guest room with coyote furs


Antler Chandelier










Today we’ll be attending a parade, going on a plane ride over the Meteor Crater and the Painted Desert, and perhaps going to a craft fair. ^_^ Must be off—parade is going to start soon! Expect horse pictures later!

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