No fear!

Tattoo Gun

I used to be afraid of needles, probably because when I was 3 I had pneumonia and was hospitalized for a week, followed by years of asthma that was controlled by my mother rushing me to the emergency room for a shot of epinephrine. To get over the fear? Well, I got a couple of tattoos. I had to make myself sit still for two sessions – one was an hour and a half, and the other was two and a half hours. And now when I have to get a shot or get blood drawn or even to have an IV, well, it’s just never going to be that painful, so it’s not a big deal. ^_^

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5 thoughts on “No fear!

    • I have a Celtic triple-knot in green and yellow, and around it, like arms holding the world, oak branches. (The oak branches took the longer amount of time, surprisingly.) The oak branches are winter bare at the top, then have spring green leaves, followed by summer green leaves, and then red and gold leaves on the very bottom. ^_^ Thanks for asking!

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