Change, Wrap, Bargain, Bottle & Bear

Our prompt today was to use five words in a poem, so I did what I usually do, and wrote a story. ^_^


The cashier handed me my change,
just a few cents left, and I clung
to the last gift I needed to
buy this year. Just a pair of gloves
for my best friend whose hands seem to
be eternally cold; a bar-
gain price, even if it was all
I had left. That plus the bottle

of cologne for my sister and
I was finished with shopping for
another year. And thank goodness
because I didn’t have all that
much to begin with. When would I
learn to start buying in August?
I took full advantage of the
free gift-wrap service; when pennies

are tight, this is just the sort of
thing that saves my bacon again.
Discarding choices of children’s-
themed paper—endless candy canes,
Santas, and cheerful toy teddy
bears—I had them use the standard
store red and green, festive enough
for my few friends and family.

Pushing through the crush on this
dark winter night, I finally
emerged and breathed in deep the cold
air. It had begun snowing while
I was inside, and I felt my
escape from the hive-mind keenly this
night. There to side of the door,
a young woman loitered, her card-

board sign reading simply “please help.”
Without even thinking, I walked
to her, dug out my change, and pressed
the wrapped gift of gloves into her
icy hands. “You should open it now.”
I smiled to myself as I went;
my friend would appreciate this
gift even more than the gloves.


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