Change of Plans

Today, the prompt at Robert Lee Brewer’s Poetic Asides blog, was to write about a change of plans. I let the idea simmer for about two hours, added a sprinkling of forethought and divided by two and managed to come up with these offerings. ^_^

Men Make Plans, God Laughs

They planned to live together
for a few years,
staying at hostels,
seeing the wide world

and then
one morning
she realized she had a touch of
morning sickness
and their plans changed.

So they decided to
get married, and keep
the baby
because having just one child
could still fit into
their life vision
and plans

and then
one day,
during the doctor’s visit,
they realized they were having
and their plans changed.

So they bought three cribs
and a triple stroller
and painted the bedroom
white and yellow and green
and decided to
go with the flow.


Too Late to Plan Ahead

So I’m writing the novel,
characters lined up,
plot laid out and
as I go,
the restless characters
They seize the plot,
twist it beyond
and demand
the changes be made.

And they’re good,
better than I
could have dreamed up

And part of me wonders
how these,
my alter egos,
my creations,
my fairy-dust spun ideas
made of thin air and resolution
have managed to
wrest control from me
so neatly.


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