Written for Robert Lee Brewer’s Poetic Asides prompt – the prompt today was discovery.  I don’t have much time at the moment, but will try to revisit the idea later today.

Will you hold, please?


A discrepancy in a bill.
I call and call again.
I speak to people from
other countries,
and try to remember
their names.

I keep notes.
One said he was named
Jack Dawson.
In a fit of sarcasm, I said,
“Oh really? You survived
the Titanic after all,
(The joke went over his head.)

And on hold
I wonder if one can get
cauliflower ear
from being on a telephone.

I remember the days
before 800 numbers
and online help desks
and internet accounts
and I remember
letter writing campaigns,
which somehow, though
just as frustrating,
were more satisfying
and probably took
about the same amount of time
to get resolution.

3 thoughts on “Discovery

  1. Yep – I can totally relate to this one. Why is it that well-placed (sarcasm) humour generally goes right over the heads of the people “helping” us? Probably too busy reading their flow charts… Cauliflower ear, indeed!

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