A Haibun is a poetic form that includes a bit of prose followed by a Haiku to resolve it. I wanted to try it, but the first story that came to mind is not precisely ethereal or lovely or prosical. I went with it anyway. Maybe I can try again later once I have more lovely poetic thoughts.

(FYI – Brumating is what snakes and other reptiles do when they are cold. They are not hibernating, only mammals do that. And when snakes are cold, they curl into as small a space as possible. Other snakes will huddle together with them and preserve as much heat as possible, forming a snake-ball. They don’t rattle, let alone move, just hold together until it is warmer, then loosen and go their separate ways. )

Rattle on a Western Rattlesnake

Two teenagers walking the New Mexico desert on a lark—nature is glorious when one is young—and they discover a ball of bromating rattlesnakes. The teens don’t realize that brumating and hibernating aren’t the same thing—the snakes are not asleep, they are merely torpid from the cold. One puts the ball in his car to take to school for a science project.

Warming rattlesnakes
awaken soon, are full of life
boy abandons car


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