Always Keep a Promise to Yourself

The topic of today’s prompt was to write about the worst thing that ever happened to you. It didn’t take long to remember that moment at the bottom of my worst sadness. I imagine it’s pretty tame because I have had a pretty wonderful life, all told, but for me, this was the worst moment.

Always Keep a Promise to Yourself

As a result
of that thing you said,
when you told me
you didn’t love me
and thought you never
and wanted a divorce
after ten years
and 2.6 children
(because I was
six months pregnant
with boy number 3)
the worst,
very worst
in my life occurred.

For about thirty seconds,
that seemed a lot longer,
my broken heart
allowing my car
to cross the center line
smash into
the oncoming traffic.

And when our son kicked,
in opposition,
I imagined,
I realized it just
wouldn’t be fair.

And then my natural
sprang to life
and said
“Things will get better.
Some day.
I promise.”

And they did.


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