Trespassing (with Gooses)

The prompt yesterday was to write a poem about trespassing. Can you believe it, this was the first opportunity I’ve had to write this! Sometimes my life is full!! ^_^



Trespassing (with Gooses)

Summers in the country
were filled with enough chores
most of the time
and enough lazy days
in the tire swing
or rambling in the little piece of woods
but sometimes
wanderlust would strike
childish heels
and we would wander the
roads and lanes
(unpaved until 1978)
on quests of discovery.

Once we found a wide-open field
with sunflowers,
(so many it was like the field
of poppies in
the Wizard of Oz)
and we were simultaneously
possessed of a notion
to bring some home
to grandma.

And so, over the whitewashed
split-rail fence we avidly climbed,
ready for plunder,
and right back over we
scurried as we discovered
a full gaggle with accompanying
all fully loaded with
vicious beaks,
tails wagging
and they chased us

They are WAY meaner than they look.


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