Trying Times

It was the end of a trying day near the end of a trying week and I felt exhausted and spent, late for my appointment, the end not even in sight, and quite crabby about it. And I tried to pull myself together on the drive to my appointment, tried to release the stress that had been keeping me energized and just relax and realize I was not as late as I could be, I was not in any danger of harm, all of my stress was purely mental.

As I pulled into the parking lot, I remembered that J, a friend who is also my hairdresser, was waiting inside for my late self, and that she would no doubt be cheerful and kind, no matter how late I was, and that she had recently suffered a loss. Her sister had recently died under trying circumstances, and at once, my own distress seemed trivial.

My sisters are both alive as are both my brothers. I am not having to bend my life to fit a new configuration with teenagers in it again suddenly. I may have had a trying day, but an occasional reminder that things could really be worse always seem to be timely when I get in too high a dudgeon.

Bless you J, and bless your niece and nephew. And thanks to a watchful providence that always knows when I need a lesson in patience.

Never Enough Time

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